caprese con cioccolato bianco gluten

INGREDIENTS FOR A 9.44 INCH MOLD: 7.05 oz of finely cut almonds 3.174 oz of finely grated white chocolate. 1.06 oz of starch 0.40 oz of 5 Petra flour (or flour gluten-free buckwheat) 0.61 oz of yeast 3.53 oz of rice oil (or olive oil) 6.35 oz of whole cane sugar 8.81 oz of eggs 0.64 oz of grated lemon zest + half lemon juice 0.11 oz of vanilla salt. Mold 9.44 inch INGREDIENTS FOR A 7.08 INCH MOLD: 5.29 oz of finely cut almonds 4.23 oz of finely grated white chocolate. 1.41 oz of starch 0.53 oz of 5 Petra flour (or flour gluten-freeREAD MORE

RECIPE FROM MY AUNT OLGA INGREDIENTS: 5/6 royal gala apples cut into slices 1 pinch of salt 4.23 oz of sifted flour 3.53 oz of brown sugar 3 eggs (if they are big enough even 2) 3.53 oz of fresh soft butter (which is melted in the pan in the oven with breadcrumbs or chopped hazelnuts) 1/2 packet of baking powder 1/2 cup of warm milk handful of dried raisins (softened in hot water and squeezed) and pine nuts sautéed first in the pan for decoration over apples 1) Heat the oven to 356 F with the cake tin containing 3.53 oz of butter cutREAD MORE

INGREDIENTS 4 eggs 8.81 oz of sugar 1 teaspoon of baking powder 3.53 oz of butter 17.64 oz of flour 7.04 oz of almonds: mix of peeled almonds and unpeeled almonds (hand-cut to halves) BAKING: 25 minutes at 356°F 1) Mix well all the ingredients, add finally the flour, the yeast and the almonds. 2) Form two long salami dough on average low and lined with film (allow to rest 1 h in the fridge) 3) Then remove and cook in the oven at least 25 minutes at 356F on the lower shelf of the oven. 4) Make sure the dough will be well cookedREAD MORE

budino al limone senza

INGREDIENTS for 6 people 3 organic lemons 3 tablespoons of cornstarch 0.16 gallon of milk 0.05 gallon of water 7.76  oz of  sugar Preparation 30 min Cooking 20 min Difficulty: medium 1) Melt 9.87 oz of sugar in water over a low heat. Take a lemon, wash well, dry and cut into thin slices. 2) When sugar is melted, add the lemon slices and let them caramelize for about 20 min. 3) Wash the other lemons, remove the skin and filter the juice. 4) In another saucepan pour the milk, the remaining brown sugar and the lemon skin. Bring to boil. 5) In a bowl,READ MORE

I was inspired by the masterclass of Pastry Chef Francesco Favorito INGREDIENTS FOR APPROX 45 CHOUX PASTRY: 8.81 oz of water 5.29 oz of butter 0.17 oz of salt 5.29 oz of base mixture or 4.69 oz of rice starch + 3.53 oz of rice flour + 2.82 oz of potato starch 400 g of eggs Baking at 428° the first 15 min; then 347F the last 12 minutes 1) In a small saucepan join water, butter, flour, allow  to almost boil, always stirring;  then when it is detached from the wall of the pot it is ready to be put in standing mixer. 2)READ MORE