18 oz of minced veal meat

9 oz of minced turkey meat

3.5 oz of speck ham

3.5 oz parmesan cheese

1 egg

4.40 oz of brigante cheese from Sardinia

2.11/2.47 oz of softened bread into a bit of milk (keep it  the milk 10 minutes to soften)

1) Mix in a bowl all ingredients finely cut bacon, parmesan cheese, egg, brigante cheese from Sardinia and soften bread into some milk (5/10min)

2) Obtain from the dough your delicious meatballs which you will put in a large dish.
Add some flour on a shallow dish and use another one with paper kitchen roll to place the final meatballs. Cover all the meatballs with the flour .

3) Take a large frying pan and cook well on both sides of your meatballs,always turning, until
they are perfectly brown from both sides. (approx 15-20 min)

Bon apetit !!


COOK’S ADVICE:  interesting taste could have an addition of spinaches to your meatballs. The result is incredibly tasty (suggestion of my adorable mum, from whom I learned a lot)

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