INGREDIENTS:     21.16 oz approx. cold water 14.11 oz approx. buckwheat flour 10.58 oz approx. tumminia flour 10.58 oz approx. Type 1 Molino Grassi 0.88 oz yeast 1 teaspoon of honey 1 pinch of salt 100 g of warm water 17.64 oz approx. fresh cherrytomatoes mixed black and green olives without core and little capers to pleasure cold-pressed olive oil , salt and oregano to taste METHOD: In a separate bowl, dissolve the yeast with 3.52 oz of warm water, 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 pinch of salt, a bit of cold-pressed olive oil. Let the honey work with the yeast, dissolve everything wellREAD MORE

GNUDI TOSCANI OF MY SCHOOL FRIEND LORENZA PORINELLI:     INGREDIENTS: 17.64 oz of cooked spinach well drained and chopped 14.11 oz of cottage cheese or the one you prefer 2 eggs 4 full tablespoons of parmesan cheese salt and nutmeg to taste flour to pleasure to obtain a dough less mushy     1) Mix everything well, after washing, cooking and squeezing well and cutting the spinaches. 2) Feel free to use your hands and make small balls and flour. 3) Add flour if the dough should be still soft and squishy (and sieve ricotta cheese before mixing with the rest) 4) Dip themREAD MORE

Inspired from this site I did my sun with spinach and ricotta cheese wet with Giovin Re from Michele Satta (Bolgheri-Tuscany). FOR THE DOUGH: flour  17.64 oz olive oil 0.02 gallon warm water 0.05 gallon salt, 2 little spoons FOR THE FILLING: Spinach (fresh or freezed) , 12.35 oz Fresh ricotta cheese, 12.35 oz 2 eggs Parmesan cheese, 7.05 oz salt and pepper PROCEDURE FOR THE FILLING: 1) Mix in a bowl: flour, olive oil, water and salt. Once it is well mixed , divide it up into 2 parts and spread it out, forming due circular layers. 2) Carefully mix spinaches, ricotta cheese, egg,READ MORE