POTATOES PATE’ OF MY GOOD VENETIAN FRIEND MANUELA SESSA INGREDIENTS: 35.27 oz of potatoes 1 large tin of tuna 2 large tablespoons of capers 2 tablespoons of good ready mayonnaise 6 hard-boiled eggs and some organic cherry tomatoes for decoration 1) Boil the potatoes and then squeeze to puree and place in a bowl separately 2) Blend the tuna, then place it in a bowl, mix then capers alone, and then add them to the bowl where the minced tuna is and stir by hand with the mayonnaise .(to taste even the parsley) 3) Join mashed potatoes to the rest of the ingredients and formREAD MORE

INGREDIENTS 2 large purple aubergines 4 medium mozzarella 3 cans of fresh tomatosauce parmesan cheese to taste basil and salt to taste 1) Peel and cut the aubergines into regular slices, then put them under a weight and drain them of their water by adding some salt. Rest for half an hour. 2) Meanwhile, prepare a good tomato sauce, with shallots or garlic and a pinch of sugar to add while cooking to remove the acidity of the tomato. 3) Cut the mozzarella into slices, grate enough Parmisan cheese. 4) After the aubergines have lost their water, prepare two dishes: 1 with home-made breadcrumbs, theREAD MORE

Inspired from this site I did my sun with spinach and ricotta cheese wet with Giovin Re from Michele Satta (Bolgheri-Tuscany). FOR THE DOUGH: flour  17.64 oz olive oil 0.02 gallon warm water 0.05 gallon salt, 2 little spoons FOR THE FILLING: Spinach (fresh or freezed) , 12.35 oz Fresh ricotta cheese, 12.35 oz 2 eggs Parmesan cheese, 7.05 oz salt and pepper PROCEDURE FOR THE FILLING: 1) Mix in a bowl: flour, olive oil, water and salt. Once it is well mixed , divide it up into 2 parts and spread it out, forming due circular layers. 2) Carefully mix spinaches, ricotta cheese, egg,READ MORE