4 eggs

8.81 oz of sugar

1 teaspoon of baking powder

3.53 oz of butter

17.64 oz of flour

7.04 oz of almonds: mix of peeled almonds and unpeeled almonds (hand-cut to halves)

BAKING: 25 minutes at 356°F

1) Mix well all the ingredients, add finally the flour, the yeast and the almonds.

2) Form two long salami dough on average low and lined with film (allow to rest 1 h in the fridge)

3) Then remove and cook in the oven at least 25 minutes at 356F on the lower shelf of the oven.

4) Make sure the dough will be well cooked .

5) If they are still wet, let it dry again with the oven off in the warmth of the oven temperature.

6) Allow to cool and then put about 20 minutes in the freezer, after which them cut diagonally to form your cantucci.


A gluten-free version with brown sugar could be of your interest:

in place of normal flour all purpose flour,  use flour with
organic buckwheat, and instead of granulated sugar, brown cane sugar.