INGREDIENTS 4 eggs 8.81 oz of sugar 1 teaspoon of baking powder 3.53 oz of butter 17.64 oz of flour 7.04 oz of almonds: mix of peeled almonds and unpeeled almonds (hand-cut to halves) BAKING: 25 minutes at 356°F 1) Mix well all the ingredients, add finally the flour, the yeast and the almonds. 2) Form two long salami dough on average low and lined with film (allow to rest 1 h in the fridge) 3) Then remove and cook in the oven at least 25 minutes at 356F on the lower shelf of the oven. 4) Make sure the dough will be well cookedREAD MORE

budino al limone senza

INGREDIENTS for 6 people 3 organic lemons 3 tablespoons of cornstarch 0.16 gallon of milk 0.05 gallon of water 7.76  oz of  sugar Preparation 30 min Cooking 20 min Difficulty: medium 1) Melt 9.87 oz of sugar in water over a low heat. Take a lemon, wash well, dry and cut into thin slices. 2) When sugar is melted, add the lemon slices and let them caramelize for about 20 min. 3) Wash the other lemons, remove the skin and filter the juice. 4) In another saucepan pour the milk, the remaining brown sugar and the lemon skin. Bring to boil. 5) In a bowl,READ MORE

INGREDIENTS FOR PASTA DOUGH 8.81 oz of regrinded semolina 4.58 oz all purpose flour or better type 1 160 ml of warm water 1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil Salt to taste INGREDIENTS FOR FILLING: 24.69 oz of red potatoes 0.14 oz of fresh mint leaves 4.94 oz of fresh sheep cheese (brigante) 4.23 oz of seasoned sheep cheese (Fiore Sardo) 1/2 cup of extravirgin olive oil 2 cloves of garlic The preparation of the stuffing will take place the day before preparation: 1) Allow the garlic to marinate in the oil for a day. 2) Cook the potatoes in plenty of water andREAD MORE

AUTHOR : PIXELICIOUS PREPARATION TIME:  20 min COOKING TIME: 15 min  INGREDIENTS FOR 32 SALTY BISCUITS: 5.64 oz of fresh goat cheese or as you wish also cream cheese 3.53 oz of wild smoked salmon (or in alternative tuna, swordfish, or smoked trout) 0.52 oz of extravirgin olive oil 1 egg 3.53 oz of flour type 1 (organic) 20 fine steams of chive 20 0.88 oz of peanuts (I personally prefer them to nuts) a pinch of salt 1) Whisk goat cheese cream with egg in a bowl; add flour, chopped chive, toasted peanuts and salt together with the wild smoked salmon cut to little cubes.READ MORE