INGREDIENTS FOR 10 PERSONS   18 oz of minced veal meat 9 oz of minced turkey meat 3.5 oz of speck ham 3.5 oz parmesan cheese 1 egg 4.40 oz of brigante cheese from Sardinia 2.11/2.47 oz of softened bread into a bit of milk (keep it  the milk 10 minutes to soften) 1) Mix in a bowl all ingredients finely cut bacon, parmesan cheese, egg, brigante cheese from Sardinia and soften bread into some milk (5/10min) 2) Obtain from the dough your delicious meatballs which you will put in a large dish. Add some flour on a shallow dish and use another one with paper kitchenREAD MORE

MONDEGHILI (TYPICAL MILANESE MEATBALLS WITH THICK RIB OF BEEF AND LIVER MORTADELLA HAM): INGREDIENTS: 10.58 oz of beef thick rib 1 egg 2.83 oz of liver mortadella 4.58 oz of bread crumbs 2.83 oz of whole milk 0.71 oz of grana padano 1 lemon zest untreated 1 white onion 1 celery 1 carrot black pepper to taste nutmeg to taste 0.18 oz of chopped parsley salt to taste black pepper to taste breading: 8 tablespoons of bread crumbs and 8.81 oz of butter 1) Put in a saucepan with salted water, celery and carrot cut into coarse pieces, onion with cloves and bring to aREAD MORE