caprese con cioccolato bianco gluten

INGREDIENTS FOR A 9.44 INCH MOLD: 7.05 oz of finely cut almonds 3.174 oz of finely grated white chocolate. 1.06 oz of starch 0.40 oz of 5 Petra flour (or flour gluten-free buckwheat) 0.61 oz of yeast 3.53 oz of rice oil (or olive oil) 6.35 oz of whole cane sugar 8.81 oz of eggs 0.64 oz of grated lemon zest + half lemon juice 0.11 oz of vanilla salt. Mold 9.44 inch INGREDIENTS FOR A 7.08 INCH MOLD: 5.29 oz of finely cut almonds 4.23 oz of finely grated white chocolate. 1.41 oz of starch 0.53 oz of 5 Petra flour (or flour gluten-freeREAD MORE

polpo in insalata con

OCTOPUS SALAD  COOKED IN PAN WITH BOILED POTATOES: INGREDIENTS: 35.27  oz  of fresh octopus 1 large shallot 2 packages of chive 1 generous glass of prosecco 1/2 cup of water salt, extra virgin olive oil to taste 4 large potatoes some marjoram leaves for decoration 1) Finelly cut shallot and chive and cook with some extra virgin olive oil and a generous glass of prosecco then add octopus that was already cooked,  keep it in the pan no more than 15 minutes at medium fire. 2) Add 1/2 cup of water to prevent the octopus to stick to the pan. 3) Add to your panREAD MORE

POTATOES PATE’ OF MY GOOD VENETIAN FRIEND MANUELA SESSA INGREDIENTS: 35.27 oz of potatoes 1 large tin of tuna 2 large tablespoons of capers 2 tablespoons of good ready mayonnaise 6 hard-boiled eggs and some organic cherry tomatoes for decoration 1) Boil the potatoes and then squeeze to puree and place in a bowl separately 2) Blend the tuna, then place it in a bowl, mix then capers alone, and then add them to the bowl where the minced tuna is and stir by hand with the mayonnaise .(to taste even the parsley) 3) Join mashed potatoes to the rest of the ingredients and formREAD MORE

INGREDIENTS for 10 crepes approx: 8.18 oz of flour 2 whole eggs 1/2 liter of milk 1 pinch of salt for the dough :  mix well all the ingredients, first the liquids: the eggs, incorporate 1/2 liter of milk into the eggs very slowly, then add the pinch of salt Lastly the sifted flour. When you achieve a smooth but full-bodied dough, start to heat the low pan for non-stick crepes with a knob of butter, and continue to cook the crepes once, being careful to brown them on both sides Always make sure that they become rather thin and not thick. FOR THE STUFFING:READ MORE