INGREDIENTS for 10 crepes approx: 8.18 oz of flour 2 whole eggs 1/2 liter of milk 1 pinch of salt for the dough :  mix well all the ingredients, first the liquids: the eggs, incorporate 1/2 liter of milk into the eggs very slowly, then add the pinch of salt Lastly the sifted flour. When you achieve a smooth but full-bodied dough, start to heat the low pan for non-stick crepes with a knob of butter, and continue to cook the crepes once, being careful to brown them on both sides Always make sure that they become rather thin and not thick. FOR THE STUFFING:READ MORE

AUTHOR : PIXELICIOUS PREPARATION TIME:  20 min COOKING TIME: 15 min  INGREDIENTS FOR 32 SALTY BISCUITS: 5.64 oz of fresh goat cheese or as you wish also cream cheese 3.53 oz of wild smoked salmon (or in alternative tuna, swordfish, or smoked trout) 0.52 oz of extravirgin olive oil 1 egg 3.53 oz of flour type 1 (organic) 20 fine steams of chive 20 0.88 oz of peanuts (I personally prefer them to nuts) a pinch of salt 1) Whisk goat cheese cream with egg in a bowl; add flour, chopped chive, toasted peanuts and salt together with the wild smoked salmon cut to little cubes.READ MORE

It is a little culinary trial/study for me which gives satisfaction, taught me from my good friend Chef Maurizio Chirico from Venice: Squid ink coral (300 g of water, 8 g of squid ink, 30 g of flour, 100 g of extra virgin olive oil): 1.Prepare a bottle of water, cuttlefish ink (food color), flour and extra virgin olive oil 2. Mix and shake very well 3. Use non-stick pan that you would use for crepes with very high heat 4. Pour over the first part of your liquid, follow your coral with high heat until ‘the first network is formed, then turn off, turnREAD MORE