millefoglie di baccala' aromatizzato all'aneto, allora, ed alla mela-giuliasdelikatessen

  INGREDIENTS FOR SINGLE PORTION: 3.53 oz of puff pastry 1/4 of onion 2.83 oz of milk 2.83/3.53 oz of softened salt cod dill and then to taste pomegranate to taste extra virgin olive oil to taste METHOD: Stir fry the onion with enough extra virgin olive oil and place on the non-stick frying pan the cod fillet. Drizzle until the milk is covered, and add a few sheets of laurel and a few leaves of dill to flavor. Cook over very low heat for a maximum of 2 hours (induction fire at 4 max), turning the cod fillet from time to time. Turn offREAD MORE