millefoglie di baccala' aromatizzato all'aneto, allora, ed alla mela-giuliasdelikatessen

  INGREDIENTS FOR SINGLE PORTION: 3.53 oz of puff pastry 1/4 of onion 2.83 oz of milk 2.83/3.53 oz of softened salt cod dill and then to taste pomegranate to taste extra virgin olive oil to taste METHOD: Stir fry the onion with enough extra virgin olive oil and place on the non-stick frying pan the cod fillet. Drizzle until the milk is covered, and add a few sheets of laurel and a few leaves of dill to flavor. Cook over very low heat for a maximum of 2 hours (induction fire at 4 max), turning the cod fillet from time to time. Turn offREAD MORE

caprese con cioccolato bianco gluten

INGREDIENTS FOR A 9.44 INCH MOLD: 7.05 oz of finely cut almonds 3.174 oz of finely grated white chocolate. 1.06 oz of starch 0.40 oz of 5 Petra flour (or flour gluten-free buckwheat) 0.61 oz of yeast 3.53 oz of rice oil (or olive oil) 6.35 oz of whole cane sugar 8.81 oz of eggs 0.64 oz of grated lemon zest + half lemon juice 0.11 oz of vanilla salt. Mold 9.44 inch INGREDIENTS FOR A 7.08 INCH MOLD: 5.29 oz of finely cut almonds 4.23 oz of finely grated white chocolate. 1.41 oz of starch 0.53 oz of 5 Petra flour (or flour gluten-freeREAD MORE

I was inspired by the masterclass of Pastry Chef Francesco Favorito INGREDIENTS FOR APPROX 45 CHOUX PASTRY: 8.81 oz of water 5.29 oz of butter 0.17 oz of salt 5.29 oz of base mixture or 4.69 oz of rice starch + 3.53 oz of rice flour + 2.82 oz of potato starch 400 g of eggs Baking at 428° the first 15 min; then 347F the last 12 minutes 1) In a small saucepan join water, butter, flour, allow  to almost boil, always stirring;  then when it is detached from the wall of the pot it is ready to be put in standing mixer. 2)READ MORE

INGREDIENTS 2 large purple aubergines 4 medium mozzarella 3 cans of fresh tomatosauce parmesan cheese to taste basil and salt to taste 1) Peel and cut the aubergines into regular slices, then put them under a weight and drain them of their water by adding some salt. Rest for half an hour. 2) Meanwhile, prepare a good tomato sauce, with shallots or garlic and a pinch of sugar to add while cooking to remove the acidity of the tomato. 3) Cut the mozzarella into slices, grate enough Parmisan cheese. 4) After the aubergines have lost their water, prepare two dishes: 1 with home-made breadcrumbs, theREAD MORE