8.81 oz of regrinded semolina

4.58 oz all purpose flour or better type 1

160 ml of warm water

1 tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil

Salt to taste


24.69 oz of red potatoes

0.14 oz of fresh mint leaves

4.94 oz of fresh sheep cheese (brigante)

4.23 oz of seasoned sheep cheese (Fiore Sardo)

1/2 cup of extravirgin olive oil

2 cloves of garlic

The preparation of the stuffing will take place the day before preparation:

1) Allow the garlic to marinate in the oil for a day.

2) Cook the potatoes in plenty of water and mash them still hot with a potato masher.

3) Add the grated cheese and finely chopped mint, taking care to mix everything very well.

4) Add the flavored oil, removing the garlic.

5) Let the ingredients rest for at least half a day.

6) In a pastry board mix flour, water, salt and  a spoonful of extravirgin olive oil.

7) Work energetically all the ingredients until a smooth and lumpy dough is obtained.

8) Wrap in transparent paper, so that it does not harden.

9) With the machine for pasta dough by hand, prepare thin sheets of pasta dough (use No. 4) and with  a glass cut out the round sheets of ravioli dough.

10) Prepare 4/5 round sheets at a time (the hard dough does not close properly) and in each of them place a portion of stuffing as big as a walnut.

11) Proceed to the classic spike closure using with patience and skill thumb and index.

12) Cook the culurgiones in plenty of salted water and season with fresh tomato sauce and basil. Sprinkle with plenty of fresh pecorino.

The culurgiones are one of the classics of Sardinian cuisine, a poor dish that belongs to the pastoral farming culture and whose main ingredient is potatoes. Depending on the area, the filling of potatoes and cheese can be flavored with the fresh taste of mint or with the sweetish taste of the onion.

An alternative to the stuffing with red potatoes can be made with Sardinian artichokes.