Inspired from this site I did my sun with spinach and ricotta cheese wet with Giovin Re from Michele Satta (Bolgheri-Tuscany).


flour  17.64 oz

olive oil 0.02 gallon

warm water 0.05 gallon

salt, 2 little spoons


Spinach (fresh or freezed) , 12.35 oz

Fresh ricotta cheese, 12.35 oz

2 eggs

Parmesan cheese, 7.05 oz

salt and pepper


1) Mix in a bowl: flour, olive oil, water and salt. Once it is well mixed , divide it up into 2 parts and spread it out, forming due circular layers.

2) Carefully mix spinaches, ricotta cheese, egg, parmesan cheese, salt and pepper. Once well mixed,  you will obtain two portions :

fill with one portion a little bowl, which you will use to fill the center of the tarte. The other portion of spinaches will be used in circle around the surface of the base , taking good care of the position of the spinach filling , which must be exactly between the center, heart of our sun, and the external ends of the dough.

3) Brush with the remaining yolk the dough and place the second layer above the base with the filling.

4) Cut the extreme ends  with a knife, to correct the circular form of the quiche.

Press the dough with a fork, along all the extreme ends, to form the sun rays and next to the filling in the center, to better express our sun’s heart.

5)  Carefully engrave from the center out, obtaining medium- size slices. 

6) Overturn each slice upward, so that the filling is visible and the pie assumes a delicious forn of sun.

7) Brush the outer surface of the cake with egg and bake at 338 F for 1 hour.