2 large purple aubergines

4 medium mozzarella

3 cans of fresh tomatosauce

parmesan cheese to taste

basil and salt to taste

1) Peel and cut the aubergines into regular slices, then put them under a weight and drain them of their water by adding some salt. Rest for half an hour.

2) Meanwhile, prepare a good tomato sauce, with shallots or garlic and a pinch of sugar to add while cooking to remove the acidity of the tomato.

3) Cut the mozzarella into slices, grate enough Parmisan cheese.

4) After the aubergines have lost their water, prepare two dishes: 1 with home-made breadcrumbs, the other with an egg for breading. Then pass all the slices in the egg and then in the breadcrumbs

5) Prepare at least two non-stick frying pans with a lot of oil for frying and dip the breadcrumbs as soon as the oil starts to crackle

6) Prepare a nice plate with greaseproof paper to let the fried aubergines dry well from the remaining oil

7) Preheat the oven at 356 F and begin to fill your baking dish in layers starting from a rich layer of tomato sauce then aubergines,  mozzarella and finally Parmesan cheese, continue so until the ingredients are finished. Cook for 30 minutes at least 356 F.