It is a little culinary trial/study for me which gives satisfaction, taught me from my good friend Chef Maurizio Chirico from Venice:

Squid ink coral (300 g of water, 8 g of squid ink, 30 g of flour, 100 g of extra virgin olive oil):

1.Prepare a bottle of water, cuttlefish ink (food color), flour and extra virgin olive oil

2. Mix and shake very well
3. Use non-stick pan that you would use for crepes with very high heat
4. Pour over the first part of your liquid, follow your coral with high heat until ‘the first network is formed, then turn off, turn on more moderate heat and let the coral dry, until you can ¬†with a spatula or long forceps carefully remove it from the fire and the pan. Obviously it should not burn and must have a homogeneous and beautiful network
5. Use for the decoration of your best dishes, you can also make with basil rather than some other vegetable, beet or other
6. Have fun!